Babel Borges is an interdisciplinary site dedicated to the study of the diffusion of Jorge Luis Borges’s work throughout culture. The choice of this author is based on the double importance of his stories: in literary terms as well as philosophical since they correspond to thought experiments. Through this site, net surfers will have access to the bibliography of Borgesean texts, to a directory of scholar texts, and to a directory of films.

The main mission of this project is to deepen our knowledge about this complex and prolific Spanish American author. Secondly, this research program will allow us to understand the diffusion process of Borges’s stories: in their literary and philosophical dimensions. Thirdly, it will increase our knowledge about the mechanisms of propagation of ideas: between different media, through various disciplinary fields, and from one geographic zone, Argentina, to the rest of the world.

Fuentes de financiación: CRSH, FRQSC.

Coordinadora: Carolina Ferrer.

Fuente: formulario de detección de casos.


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