The group of the Glossarium Mediae Latinitatis Cataloniae (GMLC), based at the Milà i Fontanals Institution of the CSIC, began in the 1950’s, using the Latin documentation of the lands corresponding to the linguistic domain of Catalan between the IXth and XIIth centuries to edit this lexicographical work. In September 2012, we began the process of digital editing in XML-TEI and is nowadays well concerned with markup practices in lexical resources and digital structuring in order to collectively optimize this line of work. The team is also working in a lexical database known as CODOLCAT (Corpus Documentale Latinum Cataloniae), which can be consulted by all those interested in the Early Middle Ages. CODOLCAT provides direct access to the texts written in Latin in Catalonia in the early mediaeval period.

Fuentes de financiación: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad y Generalitat de Catalunya.

Directores: Pere J. Quetglas y Ana Gómez Rabal.

Fuente: formulario de detección de casos.


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