“Hypotheses is a publication platform for academic blogs. It enables researchers to provide real-time updates of developments in their own research. Academic blogs can take numerous forms: accounts of archaeological excavations, current collective research or fieldwork; thematic research; books or periodicals reviews; newsletter etc. Hypotheses offers academic blogs the enhanced visibility of its humanities and social sciences platform. The Hypotheses team provides support and assistance to researchers for the technical and the editorial aspects of their project. Hypotheses platform is run by Centre for Open Electronic Publishing (Cléo, France), a unit that brings together the CNRS, the EHESS, the Aix-Marseille Université and the Université d’Avignon. The Cléo provides other tools via the OpenEdition portal: Revues.org, a platform for journals in the humanities and social sciences and Calenda, the social sciences calendar.” More information.

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