LaDHUL – Laboratory for digital cultures and humanities

(Español) The LaDHUL is an interfaculty research platform gathering more than 50 researches in social and human sciences.


Portuguese Canadian History Project | Projeto de História Luso Canadiana

The Portuguese Canadian History Project | Projeto de História Luso-Canadiana (PCHP | PHLC) is a non-profit, community outreach initiative, founded in Toronto, in 2008, and currently directed by Gilberto Fernandes, Susana Miranda, Raphael Costa and Emanuel Silva. We are committed to locating historical records in the hands of private individuals and organizations in the Portuguese-Canadian…


King’s College London – Department of Digital Humanities

(Español) The Department of Digital Humanities is an international leader in the application of technology in the arts and humanities, and in the social sciences. It is the largest and most prestigious department of its kind anywhere.