The Library’s collections materials include millions of items in formats such as monographs, serials, bound newspapers, pamphlets, manuscripts, sound recordings, films, videos, sheet music, photographs, posters, microfilm, and maps. Its collections enable the Library in its mission to support the Congress in fulfilling its constitutional duties and to further the progress of knowledge and creativity for the benefit of the American people.

One means of accomplishing this mission is to make collections materials available, not only on-site at the Library, but through digital copies of the materials on the Library’s web site. Moreover, the digitization of Library materials assists in preserving the collections for future generations.

In order to respond to increasing expectations for collections materials and related items to be made available on the Library’s web site, the Library seeks to supplement its existing digitization programs by entering into no-cost contracts for the scanning or digitization of Library materials for the mutual benefit of the contractor and the Library. The Library has issued an ongoing Request for Proposals for third party digitization projects.

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