Project titled “Interconnected Histories: The Lives, Networks and Travels of 20th century Mapuche Intellectuals in Chile.”

The purpose of the project is to create a database with information about the lives, travels and networks of three of the most prominent Mapuche intellectuals of the early 20th century: Manuel Manquilef, Manuel Aburto Panguilef and Venancio Coñuepán. The information from the database will be projected as maps that display these intellectuals’ networks  (where and when they met) as well as information about their biographies and publications. One of the primary objectives is to increase access to information about these figures as well as to the archives from which the information comes.

Dirección: Allison Ramay (Facultad de Letras, UC) y Joanna Crow (Bristol University, UK).

Fuente: formulario de detección de casos.


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