Studia Iberica et Americana (SIBA) is hosted by the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures of California State University-Fullerton. Published annually (January), SIBA is an international, scholarly and scientific peer-reviewed journal (print and online). Founded in 2013, it emerged from the scientific international consortium formed by the following world-class universities: California State University-Fullerton, Center for Medieval Studies-University of São Paulo, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Federal University of Espírito Santo, University of Girona, Prometeo/ISIC-IVITRA/University of Alicante, the Seu Universitària de la Nucía (Alicante), and Pablo de Olavide University.

SIBA seeks academic articles based on innovative and high quality researches which can contribute to the development of Iberian and Latin American studies, including the Caribbean, in any of their manifestations and related disciplines and provide new approaches and new trends. The aim of the journal is to promote research, innovation and transfer of scientific knowledge and it is defined as an interdisciplinary scientific journal. While essays from a philological perspective will be welcome, we emphasize the fact that the journal is fundamentally conceived to attract comparative and inter- and cross-disciplinary studies and theoretical research in different languages.

The human team behind SIBA is committed to scientific excellence and the improvement of Iberian Latin American literary and cultural studies, taking as a point of departure research and innovation.

ISSN: 2327-4751 eISSN: 2327-476X

Director: Enric Mallorqui-Ruscalleda.

Fuente: formulario de detección de casos.


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