Proyecto de investigación: Formas de la Épica Hispánica: Tradiciones y Contextos Históricos II

This Research Project (FFI2012-32231) aims to continue the work of the previous FEHTYCH Project with the purpose of tracing a new critical landscape in the field of the medieval and early modern Iberian epic.


Revista “Mirabilia – Mediterranean and Transatlantic Approaches to the Culture of the Crown of Aragon”

Mirabilia/Mediterranean and Transatlantic Approaches to the Culture of the Crown of Aragon [Mirabilia/MedTrans] is an international online and peer-reviewed publication from the Institut d’Estudis Medievals (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona – Spain) and sponsored by ISIC-IVITRA, which provides a forum for strictly original articles, documents and academic reviews produced by scholars of the Mediterranean and transatlantic…


Revista “Studia Iberica and Americana. Journal of Iberian and Latin American Literary and Cultural Studies”

Studia Iberica et Americana (SIBA) is hosted by the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures of California State University-Fullerton. Published annually (January), SIBA is an international, scholarly and scientific peer-reviewed journal (print and online).


Vicent Martines Peres

Full Professor-[Catedrático de Universidad] of Catalan Philology (Profile: “Medieval Catalan Literature and its relations with Romance literatures”) (2003-). European Dr. in Translation and Interpreting (General, literary and specific languages) (2003), Dr. in Catalan Philology (1993), Degree in Catalan Philology (1988)-Degree extraordinary award.