Bryan Alexander researches, writes, and speaks about emerging trends in the integration of inquiry, pedagogy, and technology and their potential application to liberal arts contexts. His current research interests include emerging pedagogical forms enabled by mobile technologies, learning processes and outcomes associated with immersive environments (as in gaming, augmented reality, and virtual worlds), the digital humanities, and futurist methodologies. Other interests include digital writing, information literacy, social media, and interdisciplinary collaboration.
In exploring the potential of computer-mediated pedagogies, Bryan focuses on the relationship between these, the interdisciplinary liberal arts, and the broader development of our technology-inflected culture. In addition to his writing and research, Bryan maintains the NITLE Prediction Markets, which leverages the collective intelligence of traders in a game environment in order to predict developments relevant to the future of liberal education.
Bryan holds a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan and taught English and information technology studies as faculty at Centenary College of Louisiana. Bryan lives up in the Green Mountains of Vermont with his beloved family, many animals, and a great many trees. There he bakes, lifts weights, carries wood, and thinks about movies.

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