Maria Clara Paixão de Sousa is a Professor at the University of São Paulo, Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences, and leader of the Humanidades Digitais research group – the first one dedicated to Digital Humanities in Brazil (since 2011). With a PhD in Linguistics at the State University of Campinas (2004), her research interests include Theoretical and Historical linguistics, Computational linguistics and Philology. She was part of the construction team of the first eletronic annotated corpus in Brazil, the Tycho Brahe Annotated Corpus of Historical Portuguese (1998-2007) and of the founding team of the Brasiliana USP Digital Library, a public repository of rare books and historical material (2007-2012), and is co-author of the philological and morphosyntactic annotation software e-Dictor (since 2007). This interest for digital philology and automatic linguistic annotation led to a growing involvement with the field of Digital Humanities in recent years.  She was part of the organization of “Dia HD 2013“, the Spanish and Portuguese version of Day of Digital Humanities, coordinated the 1st International Seminar in Digital Humanities in Brazil (2013),  and co-founded AHDig, “Associação das Humanidades Digitais”, the Association for Digital Humanities in Portuguese.

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