eHumanista is a peer-reviewed electronic journal providing a forum for original research in Spanish and Portuguese Medieval and Early Modern Literatures and Cultures. The journal not only publishes original articles, but it also serves as a distributor for monographs, scholarly editions of texts and manuscripts, and reviews related to the current state of the field. Our goal is to address the needs of scholars by providing a forum for the dissemination of new discoveries in the field, and also to provide wide-spread and immediate access to manuscripts and edited texts which are currently only viewed in special collections or on microfilm. The unique medium of electronic scholarship allows us to publish studies of varying lengths and in diverse formats, thus we accept submissions in the form of long monographs, interactive graphically-rich editions and manuscripts edited with hyperlinks or enhanced with visual and sound files. Most publications are retrievable in PDF format.

Submissions for eHumanista must be sent in MS Word format and should conform to the MLA bibliographic citiation standards. Due to the multi-national nature of this journal, we will accept texts written in Spanish, Portuguese, English, Catalan, Galician or Euskera.

eHumanista was founded in 1999 by Antonio Cortijo Ocaña.

Editor: Antonio Cortijo Ocaña
Associate Editor: Ángel Gómez Moreno
Associate Editor: Erin M. Rebhan

ISSN 1540 5877

Fuente: eHumanista.


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